Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

You're in the middle of planning your big day. You're putting so much time, energy, and effort into making the wedding of your dreams a reality. It'll be a day that you, your partner, and your loved ones will remember for the rest of your lives. But 10...20...30 years from now all that remains from your wedding day are your memories and the moments captured by your wedding photographer. When the nostalgia hits and you want to relive that magical day, you'll reach for those photos. 

Aside from hiring a great photographer, there are a few steps that you can take as a bride to make sure that your wedding photos are show-stopping. I've narrowed down a few key tips that you can use to create magic in your wedding gallery!

Spend some time gathering up all the physical details that you want photographed. This includes the rides, bouquet, ties, invitations, save the dates, your wedding shoes, jewelry, perfume, and anything else unique to your wedding. Place all these details aside and give them to your MOH to give to the photographer. It may seem small, but having these details photographed together really captures the vibe and feel of your wedding day as a whole. You'll be happy you did it!

1) Details

The less locations you have, the more time you will have to get great images on your wedding day. If you have multiple locations on your wedding day, the travel time and set up between them really cuts down on your photo time. Don't worry if you do have multiple locations though! Even if you do, as long as you hire a quality photographer, you will still be able to get some great images! You will just have less time at each location.

2) Have less locations

This may seem like a very specific tip, and it is, but it makes a huge difference. Having a lot of natural light in your getting ready space will take those images to the next level. Big windows are perfect for that beautiful bridal glow! No worries if your getting ready space is dark, however, quality photographers are quick on their feet and know how to work around it!

3) Choose a getting ready location with lots of windows

Another very specific tip coming at you! Including a toss item such as flower petals, fall leaves, confetti, etc. always adds magic to any image! Toss items are great for group shots, couples shots, exit shots, you name it. They also almost never fail to get genuine smiles and laughs from you and your guests. 

4) Include a Toss item

Some of the sweetest images from the wedding day are from the moments where the soon-to-be newly weds first see each other. Nervousness fades between the two and genuine love and connection shine through in every image. I can't recommend doing a first look on your wedding day enough!

5) First look, first look, first look!

A small detail that makes a huge difference. You might not think much of it, but phones in pockets are super distracting in photos. Your photographer should be a pro at remembering to ask for everything out of pockets before portraits start, but it's a huge help to ask for them to do it in advance!

6) Remind groomsman to take their phones and wallets out of their pockets

In addition to a first look with your partner, I also recommend doing a first look with your venue. This is a great chance to see your venue all decorated without the hustle and bustle of your guests and the plates, cups, napkins, bags, etc. that comes with them. It's also a great spot for your photographer to get some beautiful pictures of you in your venue!

7) Do a first look with your venue

Kiss for several seconds during your first kiss and don't be afraid to go in for a second kiss after you've walked down the aisle during the recessional! A quick peck is an easy thing to miss for your photographer, so kissing for at least 3-4 seconds is the best way to ensure that kiss is captured forever! A kiss at the end of the aisle can get you a great shot of all of your guests in the ceremony cheering behind you!

8) Make that first kiss last

Sunset portraits are pretty much a must have! 30-45 minutes before the sun goes down is the absolute best time to get those glowy, magical couples images. Golden Hour is the time in the day when the sun casts soft, beautiful light all around, making it the perfect time for epic portraits. Make sure to budget some time for photos during this time!

9) Sunset portraits

You have your grand entrance planned, so don't forget about a grand exit! Sparklers are a fantastic way to celebrate the end of your perfect day. They create beautiful light and guests are typically all smiles while they wave the sparklers for your send off! Some venues do not allow sparklers, so look for alternatives such as confetti, bubbles, and flower petals.

10) Don't forget about a grand exit!