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Planning Your

Tips to make the most of your session!

Second, they allow you to capture the excitement and joy of this amazing moment in your journey together. You can showcase your personalities in a casual setting that is significant to the two of you (and get some great images for your save-the-dates!). 

There's a lot to think about when planning your engagement session, that's why I put together this guide to walk you through what you need to know to make your session a success!

I'm excited you're here and I'm so glad you're considering an engagement session! 

I love engagement sessions for a few reasons. First, they allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Most people start off a little nervous in front of the camera (I still get nervous when I'm the one in front of the camera instead of behind it!). Engagement sessions allow you to get comfortable behind the camera so that when your wedding day rolls around, you will be pros!



Engagement sessions can take place anywhere from immediately following the proposal to a few days before your wedding day. There's no "good" or "bad" time to schedule your session! I try to plan sessions based on the look you're thinking of for your photos and based on your schedule. For example, if you want some flowers in your photos, we will most likely plan for springtime. 

I schedule engagement sessions during what I think is the best light of the day - golden hour. The sun is lower in the sky during golden hour and it is soft and flattering for gorgeous photos! Golden hour takes place right after the sun rises or just before the sun sets, so based on the time of year, we will schedule our session accordingly!

When's the best time to take photos?


Spring is one of my favorite times for engagement sessions! Warmer weather means all the beautiful flowers start to bloom. My schedule fills up quickly in the spring, so I recommend scheduling your session as soon as possible!


In spite of the heat, I still shoot all summer long! Because the sun sets later in the evening, sessions begin later in the evening as well. I recommend bringing lots of water and extra makeup for touch ups if you schedule a summer session!


Fall is one of the prettiest times of year here! The weather is perfect and the leaves are gorgeous. Fall is one of the busiest time of year for me, so if you have your heart set on a fall engagement session, I recommend booking sooner rather than later!


If you're planning on taking your engagement photos in the winter, keep in mind that since the sun sets earlier, our session will start earlier as well. The weather can be cold, so I recommend packing extra warm clothes so that you can warm up during your session if needed!

Destination Engagement Sessions

Even though I take most of my engagement sessions in the Charlotte, NC area, I LOVE to travel! I've photographed everywhere from Oregon to Ohio to Utah and beyond! I live for epic nature settings and love to have the opportunity to capture your session in a place that is significant to the two of you. Reach out and if our schedules align, I might be able to take your engagement session outside of the normal area!

Travel fees may apply depending on the location chosen!

As a former zookeeper, I LOVE it when couples choose to incorporate their pets in their engagement session! Here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on bringing your furry friend along.

A lot of places allow you to bring your pet along, but we'll have to double check and make sure that your location is pet-friendly!

I will not have your pet in every photo during our time together, so I recommend having a friend come and take your pet home after the first part of our session. 

Make sure to bring your pets' favorite toy or treats! Squeaker toys are magic when it comes to getting your fur child to look at the camera!! 


The most important part of putting together your wardrobe is making sure you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. When you love what you are wearing, it makes our session together that much easier! I recommend complimenting each other versus trying to match each other. 

Neutrals and pastels are my favorite wardrobe combinations to photograph! Neutrals look stunning on everyone and softer pastels tend to photograph better than bright colors.

Patterns can be great! Just make sure the pattern is on the longer side because very small patterns tend to not photograph as well. 

I always recommend that if you're bringing heels to your session, make sure to bring a second pair of shoes as well. That way, you can change into more comfortable shoes if you need a break or as we walk around during our session. Your feet will thank you!

What should we wear?

Adventure engagement are one of my favorites to photograph! I am one happy photographer when I'm hiking down a trail or splashing around a waterfall to get the perfect shot! 

I always recommend bringing comfortable shoes and wearing hiking/athletic clothes if we have a hike to do before we get to our destination. I have a portable changing tent that I bring to these sessions with me and I'll set it up in our destination so you can change!

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Adventure Sessions

Wardrobe Tips

Your engagement session is the perfect time for a hair and makeup trial for your wedding day. Professional hair and makeup tends to last longer and hold up better in humidity and wind, so it can be a great way to see if your potential wedding day look will last. 

Whether you do your hair and makeup yourself or get it professionally done, I think it's important to look and feel like your best! 

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Hair and Makeup

Wardrobe Tips

There will most likely be times during your session where we're taking of you both holding hands or photos of your ring up close.

I recommend making sure your hands and nails look their best for your session. Cleaning your ring is also a great idea and makes a big different for photos!

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Your Ring

Wardrobe Tips

For the guys, you can't go wrong with a nice blazer or a sports jacket. If you want a more casual look, a nice button down shirt is a great option. Light colors or neutrals for your shirt add to a light and airy look!

If you want your photos to be light and bright, consider wearing lighter pants instead of dark pants or jeans. 

If your shirt has a pattern, just make sure your pattern is bigger than a quarter!

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For the Guys

Wardrobe Tips

They have a saying here in North Carolina... "If you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes!" The weather can be a little unpredictable here, so sometimes we will need to reschedule because of the forecast. 

I'll make sure to check in with you the week of our session to confirm the date, time we're meeting, and the weather. If the weather looks like it won't be great, I typically try and make the call at least 24 hours in advance. If we need to reschedule, don't worry! Even if it means I need to rearrange my schedule, we'll settle on a time that works best for your session!

Inclement Weather

If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked this question...! Don't worry! During your engagement session, I will tell you exactly what to do. We'll start with poses that are easy and natural and you'll be pros in front of the camera before you know it!

Even if you feel silly posing, just laugh through it! The weirder a pose feels, the better it usually looks and that natural laughter makes for some awesome images. 

"What do I do with my hands?"

When to expect your images

Once we've completed our session together, I'll start the process of editing your images. My usual turn around time is about 3 weeks depending on my shooting and travel schedule. 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for viewing my engagement session guide! I hope this guide has helped you prepare for your engagement session!