What Details to Include In Your Wedding Day for Gorgeous Photos

Your wedding day is full of unforgettable moments and unique touches. One of the best ways to showcase the beauty of your big day is by creating and photographing a flat lay, complete with all the little details that make your wedding, yours. A flat lay involves laying out your important items in a way that’s both artistic and eye-catching. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I first show up on your big day! I love capturing all the small details that are special to each couple on their wedding day!

Why Create a Flat Lay?

Flat lay photos give me a chance to arrange and photograph your wedding essentials from a top-down view. It’s not just about capturing each item; it’s about telling the story of your day. From your stunning invitations to your shiny jewelry, every piece adds to the narrative of your wedding.

Must-Have Items for Your Flat Lay

To make sure I can create amazing flat lay shots, here are some the key items to include:

  1. Wedding Invites and Save the Dates: Your stationery sets the vibe for your wedding day. Include your invites, save the dates, and any other paper goods for a cohesive look.
  2. Bridal Shoes: Whether you’ve picked out classic heels, comfy flats, or something with a pop of color, your wedding shoes are a must-have for the flat lay.
  3. Wedding Rings: Your wedding bands and engagement ring are symbols of your love and are always front and center when I am photographing your wedding day details!
  4. Ring Boxes: Chic ring boxes not only protect your rings but also add a touch of elegance to your photos. Neutral ring boxes go with everything, while colorful ring boxes can add some pop to your flat lay, especially when your ring box matches your wedding day florals!
  5. Jewelry: From necklaces to bracelets and earrings, your jewelry adds sparkle and completes your wedding day look.
  6. Perfume Bottle: Your favorite scent adds a personal touch and a bit of luxury to your flat lay.
  7. Veil or Hair Accessories: Show off your veil or any hair accessories you’re rocking on your big day.
  8. Bouquet: Your bouquet is a star of the show. Its colors and textures can really pop in a flat lay photo.
  9. Personal Touches: Don’t forget sentimental items like heirlooms, love notes, or anything that tells your unique love story.

Don’t forget about the unique details! From custom vow books and embroidered handkerchiefs to vintage family heirlooms and meaningful charms, these items add depth and individuality to the photographs. Whether it’s a quirky accessory or a sentimental token, these personalized elements make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Collecting Your Details

To nail that perfect wedding day flat lay, start by gathering all your items a few days before the big day. Store your delicate stuff like rings and jewelry in protective pouches or boxes to keep them safe and untangled. For your invites and save the dates, keep them flat and neat in a folder or envelope. Once everything’s sorted, stash them all in one box or bag, arranged in the order you want them photographed.

I like to think of capturing your details as my “warm up.” It’s one of the first things that I’ll do when I arrive, and I absolutely LOVE it when brides have everything all in one place! This means I can get to work right away on creating a gorgeous flat lay for your big day.

By including these essentials in your wedding prep, you’ll not only help me capture stunning flat lay photos but also ensure every detail of your day is beautifully preserved. These photos will be cherished memories, showing off your special day for years to come.

Whether your wedding style is classic, modern, or totally unique, your wedding details and your wedding day flat lay lets you highlight the little things that make your day special. Keep an eye on our blog for more tips on capturing unforgettable wedding moments on the blog!

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