Kelli’s Bridal Portraits

Kelli wears her wedding dress and sits on her white mare Lily in the green grass next to a white fence line

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is that, even though I’m a wedding photographer in the Charlotte NC area, I get to travel all around doing the thing that I love! Kelli and Spencer had the most beautiful summer wedding just outside of Harrisonburg, VA. From the amazing florals to the firework finale, their wedding day was just amazing. One of my favorite parts of their wedding however, were the bridal portraits of Kelli and her heart horse Lily.

Kelli has owned Lily for 16 years, purchasing Lily when the beautiful white (technically “grey”) mare was only 4 years old. They’ve grown up and shared their lives together through barn changes, lameness issues and going off to college. Lily’s approval has always been Kelli’s litmus test for any guy that she dated. Kelli met her soulmate, Spencer, in college at James Madison University, Lily approved, and the rest is history.

Since Lily has always been a big part of Kelli’s life, having Lily in her wedding pictures was really important to her. The day after Kelli and Spencer’s wedding, Kelli, her best friend from high school, Julie, and I went to the barn where Lily is boarded. The farm was absolutely beautiful; rolling green pastures with a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. Kelli, being the brave soul that she is, opted for portraits of herself riding Lily….in a strapless wedding dress no less! Every Disney princess theme song played in my head simultaneously as I watched them ride in the open field, hair, tail, and dress flowing effortlessly behind them.

Thanks so much Kelli for letting me capture some precious moments with you and your beautiful mare!

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