Cherry Blossom Portrait Session

Couple Noelle and Hayden Hug each other amongst the pale pink blossoms of the cherry trees.

Noelle and Hayden braved a super chilly morning to take some beautiful portraits among the cherry blossoms this February! Even though the cherry blossom trees are blooming all around Charlotte proper, we both met just outside of the Charlotte, NC area at my favorite spot! These specific trees are HUGE, plentiful, and stunning when in full spring bloom! Every winter, I forget just how magical can be in the Queen City and how much I love being a wedding and portrait photographer in Charlotte!

While we had 60+ degree sunny weather the day before, the morning of the session was overcast, in the 40s, and with some crazy wind! Despite the whiplash of the weather change, we had a fantastic session! Even though the sky was blanketed with clouds the day was still bright, the wind made for some epic wind-blown hair straight out of a romantic movie scene, and Hayden and Noelle did a great job coordinating their outfits in a way that worked together and complimented the beautiful pink blooms around them.

Noelle and Hayden are the sweetest couple ever! The session was full of laughs, smiles, kisses, and tons of sweet moments that it was a joy to capture on camera. Noelle, originally from California, and Hayden, originally from North Carolina, met and got together in college. They’ve been married for 3 years and just recently moved to the Charlotte, NC area. The queen city is just a short stop for them however, because this summer they are planning on moving to Portland, OR (jealous!). It was a joy to capture this sweet (and chilly) springtime moment for them!

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