Spring Portrait Session in the Queen City

Stephanie smiles in a teal dress while standing in a "field" of bright pink tulip magnolias.

Spring has sprung here in the Carolinas! With some uncharacteristically warm weather moving in really early this year, all the trees came alive quickly and all at once. Cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, tulip magnolias, Bradford pear trees… you name it and you can probably find it planted somewhere here in Charlotte! Being a portrait photographer in Charlotte this time of year becomes so hard, because there are beautiful spots everywhere you look! And some of the best locations for spring blooms are in… some interesting spots to say the least! Luckily my lovely model, Stephanie, was up for anything to get some magical spring photos!

Our first location was the McAlpine Creek Greenway entrance off of Sardis Road. Now I know what you’re thinking, Katie, the greenway doesn’t sound like such an unlikely place for photos! And you would be right. But the greenway wasn’t our photo destination, the parking lot was! In-between the parking lot and Sardis road, a *gorgeous* row of tulip magnolias were in full bloom! We had to work with a pretty steep slope on one side, and a busy road on the other, but Stephanie was up for it and because she trusted me, we were able to get some awesome photos!

You never would have guessed our spot was so crazy, would you?

Our next location was also not without it’s challenges! The Bradford Pear trees were out in full, magnificent bloom and I had found a row of mature trees lined up against… surprise, surprise, Independence Blvd!

We got to our location during rush hour, so to the cars on the road to the left of us were backed up as far as the eye can see (a pretty usual sight for Independence). Not only did we have lines of cars on our left, but to our right, we had ugly parking lots and car repair buildings…doesn’t sound like a prime spot for some magical, spring portraits shots, am I right? Not only that, but we had to work fast as it was already a cloudy day, and we were losing the light!

Take a look at the second part of Stephanie’s gallery and tell me we didn’t turn a crazy location into absolute magic!

Stephanie is also a photographer in the Charlotte, NC area! She’s the owner of Candid Dreamer Photos. She does beautiful work, and us Charlotte photographers need to support each other! Check out this beautiful small business owner’s gorgeous work here!

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