Portraits Among The Petals: Wisteria and Cherry Blossoms in Charlotte NC

LaVianca and Shakim are nose to nose among a sea of purple wisteria flowers.

For the longest time, I thought that fall was my favorite season. Fall leaves, pumpkin patches, and the blistering (I know you southerners know what I’m talking about!) heat giving way to cooler weather…BUT I am very quickly realizing that spring here in the Carolinas gives fall a run for it’s money in my mind as a favorite season! The blooms here cannot be beat! And as a wedding and portrait photographer in Charlotte North Carolina, I get to capture all of the spring magic!

I was so excited when LaVianca and Shakim wanted to do some sunset portraits while two of my favorite blooms (cherry blossoms and wisteria) were at their peak!

Don’t you just love these gorgeous purple blooms!

Wisteria flowers are known for their stunning lavender or white-colored blooms and can be found in gardens and parks all around the world.

Originating in China, Japan, and Korea, wisteria flowers have been cultivated for centuries and are often associated with traditional Japanese gardens. Wisteria flowers are significant in Japanese culture, where they are known as fuji. In Japanese folklore, the wisteria is often associated with romance and is said to symbolize love, sensuality, and endurance.

Although we do have a native species of wisteria here in the U.S., most wisteria that you see around the Charlotte area is Japanese or Chinese wisteria. It’s beautiful, but it’s also an invasive species, so you’ll likely find this vine growing in some unlikely places. For example, our wisteria patch was right next to a road and behind an apartment building! Couldn’t tell, could you?

The Yoshino cherry blossoms were next!

These are my all-time favorite trees in the spring. There are so many different varieties of flowering cherry trees that bloom at all different times and every single one of them are absolutely magical. Here we found a long row of mature and full trees at the peak of their bloom!

These Yoshino cherry trees have some magical white blooms, but another one of my favorite varieties is pink and blooms a little earlier in the spring! The pale pink of Kanzakura cherry trees is also a sight to see. Click here to view portraits with those cherry blossoms!

The soft, cloud-like blooms were the perfect backdrop for LaViance and Shakim’s session! The golden sunset glow behind them, the petals falling all around them, and obvious love between them made this session one of my favorites to date!

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  1. Tanya says:

    Hey!! Would you mind sharing the location of these trees?? They are beautiful!

    • Katie Rivers says:

      Hi Tanya! So sorry, I am just seeing this comment now! These blooms are on private property, so unfortunately, I can’t share the location of these particular ones. There are some good spots for Wisteria in the Matthews area though!

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