Latourell Falls Engagement Session

Aaron and Delanie stand on rock beneath the waterfall. Latourell Falls, a long waterfall surrounded by moss and dark basalt columns, rages behind them as Aaron dips Delanie down for a kiss.

Wow – just wow. This is without a doubt one of my favorite sessions I have ever captured. I was SO excited to get the chance to travel back to Latourell Falls in Oregon and photograph (probably) one of my favorite couples of all time.

Latourell Falls is a really special place for me. The first time I caught a glimpse of the over 200 ft waterfall cascading down the looming, moss-covered basalt columns, I was in love. My husband and I took our engagement photos at the falls back in 2021 and swooned over the photos for months after. We certainly don’t have falls like that in North Carolina! Don’t get me wrong, I love our waterfalls back on the east coast, but in my (totally unbiased) opinion, not much can compare to Latourell Falls for me!

One of the key advantages of Latourell Falls is its ease of access. A paved loop trail leads you directly to the viewpoint, offering a short, family-friendly hike. This means you can savor the wonder of Latourell Falls without the need for strenuous hiking. This is also great if you want to do your makeup before your photoshoot, but don’t want to sweat it all off hiking to your favorite destination!

And as if the day couldn’t get any more perfect, not only did I have the most magical backdrop for this awesome engagement session, I also had the most amazing couple. Aaron and Delanie are basically the sweetest people on the planet. Aaron is currently in nursing school and Delanie works as a NICU nurse. They both met in college at UNC Wilmington and spent their post-college years traveling the world. Delanie was a travel nurse for years and they both spent their time traveling from state to state exploring the US and going on endless adventures. One of their favorite activities is scuba diving and Aaron actually proposed to Delanie on a dive – how much cuter can it get??

Even though Aaron and Delanie have only been in front of the camera a handful of times, they totally nailed it! It was so much fun capturing two people who are just so crazy about each other. They were even brave enough to venture into the falls for playful water photos at the end. Those images definitely give me major “The Notebook” vibes!

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